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2020 SRR Transition Document .pdf
This is the 2020 SRR transition document written by Elissa Asch and Arielle Landau to their successors. This document includes SRR's projects, responsibilities, and accomplishments for the 2019-2020 school year, as well as advice for future…

Vagina Monologues Program and Booklet 2016.pdf
This document has the program and booklet covers from the 2016 "Beyond The Vagina Monologues" production.

Study Breaks Coverage.png
This is Study Breaks' coverage of The List and it's fallout.

NOTE: The link to the article is below

(Print) No Rape at Middlebury op:ed.pdf
This Op/Ed came in response to a poster campaign (posters put up with sexist quotes overheard on campus), the college's official sexual violence reporting numbers, and the designation of a new Task Force on the Status of Women in 2007. In a scathing…

Link toSeven Days VT Article.pdf
This article, written by Alison Novak, gives a general overview of CPCs in Vermont and highlights activist efforts to bring attention to their negative effects on communities.

A male student writes an opinion piece about struggling with his own role in rape culture after attending an IHH event and how the community must engage in hard conversations about changing behavior.

IHH members spoke to The Campus about their plans for The Map Project after they began accepting submissions in the fall of 2012.

FAM Website .png
FAM members created this website in 2018 to provide students with information on a variety of sexual and reproductive health topics, as well as informs students of their nearby recourses at Parton Health Center, Porter Hospital, and Planned…

April 11, 2016 - The Guy Who Raped Me Saw Me Half-Naked (and I liked it)*.pdf
This blog post lays out the experience and reflections of an anonymous performer who came face to face with her rapist while performing outside of the Spring Concert. Stares and Stairs posted this to their website on April 11, 2016.

Three survivors co-wrote an anonymous op-ed in response to a Middlebury Campus article entitled "Reexamining Our Sexual Assault Investigative Process."
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