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The Debate Over Abortion Gets Close to Campus _ by Nate Gunesch _ Medium (1).pdf
This article by Nate Gunesch in Medium provides a profile of student-activist Miranda-Max de Beer. Gunesch discusses activist work against the Addison County CPC, such as the fliers de Beer handed out at the Student Activities Fair, as well as the…

A male student writes an opinion piece about struggling with his own role in rape culture after attending an IHH event and how the community must engage in hard conversations about changing behavior.

The four student organizers of IHH respond to criticisms that their advertising and storytelling event can be "triggering" by emphasizing the importance of allowing survivors to process trauma in their own ways.

IHH member Emily Pedowitz writes an op-ed encouraging Middlebury students to submit their stories related to sexual assault to be read at the group's storytelling event.

Three survivors co-wrote an anonymous op-ed in response to a Middlebury Campus article entitled "Reexamining Our Sexual Assault Investigative Process."
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