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It Happens Here 2023_ Supporting survivors of sexual violence.pdf
An article published in The Middlebury Campus detailing organizing work towards IHH 2023, done primarily by Mei Dwyer-Frattalone, Amelia Grosskopf and Daisy Kulina. The article explains the objective of IHH and describes the organizers plan for…

Students Lead Charge to Ban Crisis Pregnancy Center from Campus - The Middlebury Campus.pdf
This opinion piece by Joanne Park discusses a student-led effort to ban the Addison County CPC from advertising and participating in on-campus events. Activists Toria Isquith and Kelsie Hoppes are quoted in the article describing their petition…

The Campus Voice Interview.png
This interview of Toria Isquith was conducted for The Middlebury Campus’s podcast titled “The Campus Voice.” In the interview, Isquith discusses her activism against the local Middlebury CPC’s presence on campus, including her petition to ban the CPC…

“Pregnant in Middlebury, VT_” Fake Abortion Clinics and the Right to Accurate Information - The Middlebury Campus (1) (1).pdf
This opinion piece by Toria Isquith, published in the student-run newspaper The Middlebury Campus, discusses crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs), specifically the one housed in Addison County. The article explains the dangers of CPCs and provides the…

Several articles from The Middlebury Campus reveal the relationship between the local CPC and Middlebury College in the late 1980s (following the founding of the CPC) and early 1990s. For example, one article details a students’ experience interning…

Stares and Stairs Campus Article - performance-art-piece-raises-awareness-of-sexual-assault.pdf
This is a news article published in the Middlebury Campus on May 12, 2016 and written by Elizabeth Zhou. This article discusses the goals and impacts of Stares on Stairs, which was still relatively new at the time.

A male student writes an opinion piece about struggling with his own role in rape culture after attending an IHH event and how the community must engage in hard conversations about changing behavior.

Ahead of the upcoming third annual IHH storytelling event, The Campus interviewed co-founder Luke Carroll Brown, who spoke about hoping to reduce the stigma around sexual violence. Two other students speak to the importance of the event.

After an IHH organizer, Taite Shomo '20.5, had begun to advertise the go/link for students to submit locations on campus that they'd been sexually harassed or assaulted, she spoke to The Campus about the project's history and goals.

The Campus covered the second rendition of The Map Project, which showed 108 "red dots" and was displayed in Davis Library. Several students spoke about their reactions and the urgency they felt about combatting sexual assault on campus.
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