The Campus: "No Rape at Middlebury?" Op/Ed


This Op/Ed came in response to a poster campaign (posters put up with sexist quotes overheard on campus), the college's official sexual violence reporting numbers, and the designation of a new Task Force on the Status of Women in 2007. In a scathing and sarcastic appraisal of the college's response to sexual assault, Garcia writes that the college culture of sexism and assault hasn't changed much since the DU mannequin incident in 1988. Despite the fact that the college's reports show almost no sexual assault on campus, Garcia discusses their failure to implement the suggestions of past Task Forces on The Status of Women, and the campus culture of degrading women, homophobia, toxic masculinity, and sexual education through pornography. Here is the original print op/ed well as the website version.

NOTE: Related content/context in the FAM collection on both the sexism poster campaign (search "Sexual Harassment is an Issue Op/Ed) and the use of pornography at a Middlebury Common's event (search Pirate Party), both mentioned in this op/ed.


Alexandra Garcia


November 29, 2007


(Print) No Rape at Middlebury op:ed.pdf
(Webite) No Rape at Middlebury op:ed.pdf


Alexandra Garcia, “The Campus: "No Rape at Middlebury?" Op/Ed,” Archives of Dissent, accessed April 18, 2024,

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