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March 21, 1991, Pg. 20 (Revise O'neil PC).pdf
This op/ed is a direct response to Daniel O'Neil's article a week prior on March 14. The article accuses O'Neil of claiming a "genuine intellectual interest in preserving diversity" while what he is really advocating for is the right to open bigotry.…

May 9, 1991 - Pg. 4 (TBTN, Greek).pdf
This Campus news article describes the different parts of the Take Back The Night march at Middlebury in 1991, as well as the main topics brought up by speakers which included homophobia, spousal assault, gender equity, and rape statistics. Here is…

(Print) No Rape at Middlebury op:ed.pdf
This Op/Ed came in response to a poster campaign (posters put up with sexist quotes overheard on campus), the college's official sexual violence reporting numbers, and the designation of a new Task Force on the Status of Women in 2007. In a scathing…
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