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(2008) RTFSW.pdf
This is the 2008 report from the Task Force, which was appointed in April of 2007. As part of their research, the Task Force engaged the Middlebury campus community through open meetings, small focus groups, one-on-one interviews, surveys, etc. The…

The Campus - %22Feminist Group Hosts Day of Action%22.pdf
This Campus article discusses the Planned Parenthood Action Forum, hosted in Hillcrest by Feminist Action at Middlebury (FAM) on March 8. This forum, which was led by Paige Feeser (Vermont Public Affairs Organizer for Planned Parenthood of Northern…

The Campus - How We Move Forward After ‘The List’.pdf
This Campus editorial discusses the aftermath of The List and addresses many community opinions of it, both positive and negative. Ultimately, this editorial urges people to "believe and listen to women, acknowledge when and how we’re complicit, and… Coverage.png
This is's coverage of The List and it's fallout. This article discusses the question of whether Dunn themself violated Title IX policy, and the justness of that policy if they did.

NOTE: The link to this article is below

Beyond The Green - %22Communal Statement in Support of Survivors%22.pdf
After posting The List, Elizabeth Dunn was both publicly and privately targeted by administration and students at Middlebury. Students posted this article in Beyond The Green in support of Dunn, and called for the administration to cease it's course…

Let's talk about sex, please.pdf
In this op/ed, SRR lays out the importance of student input and engagement in issues of sexual and relationship respect on campus, and asks students to fill out the SRR Fall Survey.

2020 SRR Transition Document .pdf
This is the 2020 SRR transition document written by Elissa Asch and Arielle Landau to their successors. This document includes SRR's projects, responsibilities, and accomplishments for the 2019-2020 school year, as well as advice for future…

2019 SRR Transition Document .pdf
This is the 2019 SRR transition document written by Cece Alter to her successor. This document includes SRR's projects, responsibilities, and accomplishments for the 2018-2019 school year as well as advice for future directors.

SRR Endorsement of SGA Proposals.pdf
In Spring of 2019, the Middlebury SGA sent The Thirteen Proposals to the college administration, demanding changes and improvement in various aspects of student life and representation. This document is a letter written by SRR in endorsement of The…

Title IX Write-In Event Poster.pdf
SRR organized a Title IX Write-In at Chellis House after Betsy DeVos proposed changed to Title IX protections. This is the poster for that event.
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