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VPR - %22Video By Middlebury Students Calls For Better Handling Of Sexual Assault Cases%22.pdf
This is the Vermont Public Radio coverage of the Middlebury Unmasked video. Their coverage includes the survivor experience of the Title IX process and institutional silencing, as well as Middlebury College's statement on the video.

NOTE: The link…

This is the NBC5 video coverage of the Middlebury Unmasked video. It includes an interview with Middlebury student, survivor, and one of the producers of the video, Maddie Orcutt.

NBC5 - %22Students express frustration with school policy in emotional video%22.pdf
This is an NBC5 article covering the Middlebury Unmasked video. It includes both the perspective of those who produced the video, as well as Middlebury College's statement.

NOTE: The link to the original article is below

Beyond the green - Middlebury Unsmakes %22Dear Campus%22.pdf
This Dear Campus article by Maddie Orcutt '16 was published in Beyond The Green on April 12, 2015. Written shortly after the release of the Middlebury Unmasked video, Orcutt, one of the producers, writes about her experience of being a survivor and…

April 10, 2018 - A reflection on The List of Men To Avoid and anti-sexual assault activism (reposted).pdf

This blog post comments on "The List" [a list of abusers and perpetrators at Middlebury which was posted on social media] and the fallout for the activists and survivors who were involved. This post urges people to be aware of the burden of being a…

April 11, 2016 - The Guy Who Raped Me Saw Me Half-Naked (and I liked it)*.pdf
This blog post lays out the experience and reflections of an anonymous performer who came face to face with her rapist while performing outside of the Spring Concert. Stares and Stairs posted this to their website on April 11, 2016.
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