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May 9, 1991 - Pg. 4 (TBTN, Greek).pdf
This Campus news article describes the different parts of the Take Back The Night march at Middlebury in 1991, as well as the main topics brought up by speakers which included homophobia, spousal assault, gender equity, and rape statistics. Here is…

The Campus- %22Tears for the night%22.pdf
This poetic Campus opinion piece describes Daly's experience of crying during the Take Back The Night event. She states all of the reasons and people she was crying for, and urges people to stay hopeful and take action. Here is the article from The…

(Print) No Rape at Middlebury op:ed.pdf
This Op/Ed came in response to a poster campaign (posters put up with sexist quotes overheard on campus), the college's official sexual violence reporting numbers, and the designation of a new Task Force on the Status of Women in 2007. In a scathing…

Beyond the green - Middlebury Unsmakes %22Dear Campus%22.pdf
This Dear Campus article by Maddie Orcutt '16 was published in Beyond The Green on April 12, 2015. Written shortly after the release of the Middlebury Unmasked video, Orcutt, one of the producers, writes about her experience of being a survivor and…

Task Force on the Status of Women- Comments from FAM.pdf
This document includes FAM's suggestions to the Task Force on the Status of Women at Middlebury in 2007. The Task Force that these suggestions were sent to published their report in 2008. These suggestions cover blue light phones, social houses, the…

Carbon Neutral by 2016...Rape Free by ???%22 Protest (2008).pdf
These are photos from an anti-sexual assault campaign launched by FAM in 2008. Shortly after Middlebury announced their plans to become carbon neutral by 2016, FAM launched a campaign questioning the institutions commitment to becoming rape free.…

April 20, 2016- So Many Stares- looking back at our first installation.pdf
This blog post reflects upon the experience of the first ever Stares and Stairs instillation as well as the various supportive, kind, defensive, and violent reactions of students . Stares and Stairs posted this to their website on April 20, 2016.

Ahead of the upcoming third annual IHH storytelling event, The Campus interviewed co-founder Luke Carroll Brown, who spoke about hoping to reduce the stigma around sexual violence. Two other students speak to the importance of the event.

After an IHH organizer, Taite Shomo '20.5, had begun to advertise the go/link for students to submit locations on campus that they'd been sexually harassed or assaulted, she spoke to The Campus about the project's history and goals.

The Campus covered the second rendition of The Map Project, which showed 108 "red dots" and was displayed in Davis Library. Several students spoke about their reactions and the urgency they felt about combatting sexual assault on campus.
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