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CPC Petition Poster.jpg
Poster advertising a petition organized by Elissa Asch (2022.5) in an effort to ban CPCs from all colleges in the New England Small College Athletic Conference (NESCAC).

Link to VT Digger Article.pdf
This article, written by Juliet Schulman-Hall, describes the events of the protests and quotes several student activists as well as Sarah Ray, Middlebury College Director of Media Relations. It also features photographs from the event.

Carbon Neutral by 2016...Rape Free by ???%22 Protest (2008).pdf
These are photos from an anti-sexual assault campaign launched by FAM in 2008. Shortly after Middlebury announced their plans to become carbon neutral by 2016, FAM launched a campaign questioning the institutions commitment to becoming rape free.…

Sexual Assault Protest - May 11, 2006.pdf
These are photos of an anti-sexual assault protest led by FAM in 2006.
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