Beyond The Green: "Communal Statement in Support of Survivors"


After posting The List, Elizabeth Dunn was both publicly and privately targeted by administration and students at Middlebury. Students posted this article in Beyond The Green in support of Dunn, and called for the administration to cease it's course of action for punitive punishment. The article discusses the negative impact that the administration's actions are having on Middlebury's attempts to build a safer community for survivors. There is a link to sign a petition against punitive action for Dunn at the end of the article.

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Beyond the Green (contributors listed on document)


January 23, 2018


Beyond The Green - %22Communal Statement in Support of Survivors%22.pdf


Beyond the Green (contributors listed on document), “Beyond The Green: "Communal Statement in Support of Survivors",” Archives of Dissent, accessed April 23, 2024,

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