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The Campus - %22Planned Parenthood of Northern N.E. continues to provide health care after federal cuts%22.pdf
This Campus article discusses Vermont's Title X funding. In August of 2019, the Trump administration published new Title X funding stipulations in a move to severely limit access to abortion care. This article includes information about FAM's…

The Campus - %22FAM Launches Website to Increase Awareness of Sexual Health Services%22.pdf
This Campus article discusses the sexual health recourses website that was launched by FAM in 2018. The FAM members who lead the website project: Annie Blalock ’20.5, Matt Martignoni ’21.5, Olivia Pruett ’21.5, Michael Frank ’20.5 and Emma Bernstein…

The Campus - %22Feminist Group Hosts Day of Action%22.pdf
This Campus article discusses the Planned Parenthood Action Forum, hosted in Hillcrest by Feminist Action at Middlebury (FAM) on March 8. This forum, which was led by Paige Feeser (Vermont Public Affairs Organizer for Planned Parenthood of Northern…
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