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The Campus - How We Move Forward After ‘The List’.pdf
This Campus editorial discusses the aftermath of The List and addresses many community opinions of it, both positive and negative. Ultimately, this editorial urges people to "believe and listen to women, acknowledge when and how we’re complicit, and…

The Campus - %22Student Who Posted ‘The List’ Faces Discipline%22.pdf
This Campus article discusses Middlebury's judicial process against Elizabeth Dunn, who posted The List. Coverage.png
This is's coverage of The List and it's fallout. This article discusses the question of whether Dunn themself violated Title IX policy, and the justness of that policy if they did.

NOTE: The link to this article is below

The Campus - %22Student Accuses Over 30 Men of Sexual Misconduct on Facebook%22.pdf
This Campus article describes The List being posted around campus and on Facebook during finals week, and the first responses from administrators.
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