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The New York Times covered the DU mannequin incident 2 weeks after it occurred.

NOTE: The link to this article is below

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After the DU mannequin incident, Alison Fraker and other concerned students wrote a letter to Dean Emerson. The letter urged Dean Emerson to attend a meeting that night to discuss future steps in addressing DU and their actions.

Three survivors co-wrote an anonymous op-ed in response to a Middlebury Campus article entitled "Reexamining Our Sexual Assault Investigative Process."

This Addison Independent article describes the mission and events of IHH, and how the Middlebury group gained national traction.

Prompted by The Map Project, The Campus Editorial Board makes several recommendations regarding how to fight rape culture at Middlebury, including new in-person trainings, making reporting sexual assault easier, and changing party culture on campus.

SRR Endorsement of SGA Proposals.pdf
In Spring of 2019, the Middlebury SGA sent The Thirteen Proposals to the college administration, demanding changes and improvement in various aspects of student life and representation. This document is a letter written by SRR in endorsement of The…

Beyond The Green - %22Communal Statement in Support of Survivors%22.pdf
After posting The List, Elizabeth Dunn was both publicly and privately targeted by administration and students at Middlebury. Students posted this article in Beyond The Green in support of Dunn, and called for the administration to cease it's course…

(2009) Administrative Response to 2008 and 2009 Reports.pdf
After the Task Force on the Status of Women authored their report in 2008, the Steering Committee on the Status of Women clarified specific action items and goals for the administration in their 2009 report. This is Middlebury's administrative…
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