The Campus: "What is 'responsible journalism?'"


Both of these "To the Editor" opinion pieces praise the Campus for what Baran and Zeltvogel see as responsible investigative journalism on the topic of Paul Cubeta. They also both contradict Professor Bakers views as published in the Nov. 17, 1989 issue of The Campus. Zeltvogel believes that The Campus is taking a stand as a source of truth for the students and faculty, rather than being complicit in administrative lies and wrongdoing. Baran believes Mr. Baker has made it clear he cares more for the college's reputation than for the victims of sexual harassment, and Mr. Baker's tactics are the very reason said victims tend to stay silent and repressed. Here is a photo of the article as it was originally printed.

NOTE: To be able to zoom in on this article, go to the Campus Archive link below (pg. 18).


Jeanine Zeltvogel '89 and Robert Baran '90


December 1, 1989


The Campus - %22What is 'responsible journalism?'%22.pdf


Jeanine Zeltvogel '89 and Robert Baran '90, “The Campus: "What is 'responsible journalism?'",” Archives of Dissent, accessed July 15, 2024,

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