Boston Magazine: School for Scandal


This in depth article describes in detail the allegations and testimony of all four students who came forward in the Paul Cubeta hearing with testimony about sexual harassment and assault. It tells the story of their lives, their relationships with Cubeta, their assaults, decisions to testify, and testimony itself. This article lays out Cubeta's personality and career along with his predatory pattern of identifying a vulnerable student, strategically becoming a mentor to them, intoxicating and assaulting them, and manipulating them into denial or secrecy. Furthermore, this article discusses Middlebury's culture of "family" and "secrecy" and the manner in which administrators at Middlebury and Bread Loaf School of English covered and ignored Cubeta's abuse of students, as well as their actions after students reported the abuse.


William McGowan


February, 1991


Boston Magazine- School For Scandal.pdf


William McGowan, “Boston Magazine: School for Scandal,” Archives of Dissent, accessed July 15, 2024,

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