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The Campus - %22What is 'responsible journalism?'%22.pdf
Both of these "To the Editor" opinion pieces praise the Campus for what Baran and Zeltvogel see as responsible investigative journalism on the topic of Paul Cubeta. They also both contradict Professor Bakers views as published in the Nov. 17, 1989…

To The Editor - %22What can be learned%22.pdf
This "To the Editor" opinion piece praises The Campus' coverage of the Paul Cubeta hearing and the Middlebury administration's actions. Martin also discusses what the college community and administration can learn from the manner in which the Paul…

The Campus - October 13, Page 18.pdf
This "To the Editor" opinion piece urges The Campus to cease posting stories related to the Paul Cubeta incident, and follow their own advice to handle the topic with more sensitivity. Broderson states that the "scoop" has already been published, and…
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