The Campus - "SGA assesses issues"


This Campus news article discusses the SGA's main assessments and concerns as they concluded their fall session in 1989. The article discusses "CIA recruitment, sexual harassment and lighting on campus" among other topics. In terms of sexual harassment, the article includes information about SGA's request to President Robison that the sexual harassment policy be reviewed and a special committee be formed to discuss posisble changes. Here is the article from The Campus' archives, as well as a photo of the article as it was originally printed.


Marika Holmgren


December 1, 1989


The Campus News- %22SGA assesses Issues%22.pdf
The Campus - %22SGA assesses issues%22.pdf


Marika Holmgren , “The Campus - "SGA assesses issues",” Archives of Dissent, accessed June 23, 2024,

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