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CPC Library Display.png
This poster was part of a display in Davis Family Library titled “Reproductive (In)Justice: Crisis Pregnancy Centers.” The poster, which contains information on CPCs nationally as well as locally, was created by Tate Serletti and Rebecca Wishnie as…

Students Lead Charge to Ban Crisis Pregnancy Center from Campus - The Middlebury Campus.pdf
This opinion piece by Joanne Park discusses a student-led effort to ban the Addison County CPC from advertising and participating in on-campus events. Activists Toria Isquith and Kelsie Hoppes are quoted in the article describing their petition…

“Pregnant in Middlebury, VT_” Fake Abortion Clinics and the Right to Accurate Information - The Middlebury Campus (1) (1).pdf
This opinion piece by Toria Isquith, published in the student-run newspaper The Middlebury Campus, discusses crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs), specifically the one housed in Addison County. The article explains the dangers of CPCs and provides the…
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