2018 Library Display on CPCs


This poster was part of a display in Davis Family Library titled “Reproductive (In)Justice: Crisis Pregnancy Centers.” The poster, which contains information on CPCs nationally as well as locally, was created by Tate Serletti and Rebecca Wishnie as part of Professor Carly Thomsen’s “Politics of Reproduction” class in Fall 2018. As a library display, which was exhibited in December 2018, it reached a broader audience beyond the classroom.


Tate Serletti and Rebecca Wishnie


December 2018


CPC Library Display.png


Tate Serletti and Rebecca Wishnie, “2018 Library Display on CPCs,” Archives of Dissent, accessed July 23, 2024, https://omeka.middlebury.edu/archives_of_dissent/items/show/203.

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