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CPC zine working.pdf
Distributed at a student-led protest in support of banning CPCs, this zine provides information about why CPCs are harmful and advises readers to avoid the CPC in Middlebury, at this time operating under the name “The Women’s Center.”

Link to VT Digger Article.pdf
This article, written by Juliet Schulman-Hall, describes the events of the protests and quotes several student activists as well as Sarah Ray, Middlebury College Director of Media Relations. It also features photographs from the event.

Link to Ban CPC Petition.pdf
Petition organized by Elissa Asch (2022.5) in an effort to ban CPCs from all colleges in the New England Small College Athletic Conference (NESCAC). The petition includes information on CPCs and allows the option to add a statement to the petition on…

Act. Fair Demonstration Poster.jpg
This poster was distributed across the Middlebury campus to advertise for the upcoming demonstration to ban crisis pregnancy centers from the activities fair. It provides information for an organizing meeting a few days before the demonstration as…

Petition Signitures.pdf
Petition organized by Elissa Asch (2022.5) in an effort to ban CPCs from the Middlebury College campus. Signatures include students, faculty, staff, and community members from the Middlebury community as well as various other colleges and…

Statements of Support.pdf
Various statements expressing passionate discontent surrounding the continued existence of CPCs in Middlebury. Each statement discusses a specific argument against CPCs and/or includes a broad statement of support from an individual or group.

CPC in San Fernando Valley.pdf
This website was created by a group of students as a part of Professor Carly Thomsen’s “Politics of Reproduction” class in the spring of 2020. The website provides information on CPCs and focuses on CPCs’ online presence during the coronavirus…

Oral History CPC Activism.pdf
This is an oral history conducted by Sophie Hochman for Professor of Religion Justin Doran’s class “Religion and Capitalism.” Hochman interviewed Grace Vedock ‘20 and Taite Shomo ‘20.5, two students involved in the 2018 effort to ban CPCs from…
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