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In 2015, Maddie Orcutt '16 (she/her/hers), launched a column called "Great Sexpectations." She facilitated student storytelling surrounding sex through the column. "My goal is simple: to create a space where Middlebury students can learn through the…

Reporting in The Campus on the 2017 winner of Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies student-award, the Alison Fraker Essay Prize.

This 2017 article in The Campus reports on “Feminism in China: Women’s Bodies on the Frontline.” The speaker, Chinese feminist activist Lu Pin discussed feminist issues and activism efforts focused on achieving justice for Chinese women during her…

A report on the college-sponsored talk, “What Can Feminism Speak To?,” which featured feminist writer Katha Pollitt and feminist scholar Janell Hobson.

In her opinion piece titled "Afghanistan, an 'elephant in the room,'"Sajia Yaqouby '25.5, reflects on the inaction of the world when it comes to the atrocities that Afghani women have been forced to endure in the wake of the Afghani government's…

In her opinion piece titled "Home," Sajia Yaqouby '25.5, reflects on what it means to be "home" after escaping Afghanistan following the collapse of the country's government and a resurgence of Taliban rule in August 2022.

May 9, 1991, Pg. 27 (Upham_FS 2 and 3).pdf
This op/ed is a direct response to David Upham's second article written two weeks prior in the April 25 issue of The Campus. Spangler begins by pointing out that expression of opinions cannot be called out to someone from dorm windows or passing…

May 9, 1991 Pg. 25 (Upham_FS 1 and 2).pdf
This op/ed puts the Middlebury PC debate in conversation with national narratives about PC and a reactionary speech by President Bush. It also describes an SGA meeting on April 28, during which straight white men voiced protests to the new sexual…

May 9, 1991, Pg. 24 (T-shirt, Upham:PC 1).pdf
This op/ed is a direct response to David Upham's second article written two weeks prior in the April 25 issue of The Campus, and also references Kevin Moss's rebuttal to Upham's first letter. This article describes how Political Correctness has…

April 25, 1991, Pg. 23.pdf
This op/ed follows a previous article from Upham (2 weeks prior), and articles that were written in response to it (1 week prior.) Upham makes his position on homosexual acts as "both unnatural and intrinsically evil" very clear. He says that he…
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