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Delta Upsilon, 1988

LA Times DU Article.png

Middlebury made national news on May 7-8, 1988, when Delta Upsilon hung a “mutilated” female mannequin with "Random Hole" scrawled on it from their…

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It Happens Here (IHH)


Founded in 2011 by Margo Cramer '12 and Luke Carroll Brown '13.5, It Happens Here (IHH) is a student-run sexual assault awareness and prevention group…

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Beyond The Vagina Monologues (BTVM)

Vagina Monologues Program and Booklet 2016.pdf

"The Vagina Monologues" is an episodic play first performed in 1996 and written by Eve Ensler, who graduated Middlebury College in 1975. The play…

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Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs)

CPC Petition Poster.jpg

This collection contains student-led activism in opposition of the local crisis pregnancy center (CPC) in the town of Middlebury, currently known as…

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Feminist Action at Middlebury (FAM)/Coalition for
Feminist Consciousness (CFC)

The Campus - %22Feminist Group Promotes Campus-Wide Awareness%22.pdf

Feminist Action at Middlebury, commonly referred to as FAM, has existed since the early 90’s when it was called the Coalition for Feminist…

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Feminist Consciousness (CFC)

Greek Life/Social House Related

May 9, 1991, Pg. 23 (T-shirt, Greek:SH) 3.pdf

Any activism or action relating directly to Greek life or social houses at Middlebury can be found here.

Content related to this collection can be…

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List of Men to Avoid

The Campus - %22College Disciplines Dunn%22.pdf

In December 2017, Liz Dunn ’18 posted a public Facebook post that named several male Middlebury students as perpetrators of various forms of sexual…

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Middlebury Unmasked

VPR - %22Video By Middlebury Students Calls For Better Handling Of Sexual Assault Cases%22.pdf

Middlebury Unmasked is a survivor-created, survivor-led activist collective at Middlebury that was started in 2015. This collective published a…

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Oral Histories of Feminist Activists

Lauren Curatolo.jpg

What better way to learn about feminist activism at Middlebury than from the activists themselves. After all, there is so much to be learned and…

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Paul Cubeta: Sexual Harassment Hearing and Cover-Up

The Campus - %22Bread Loaf official protests administrative cover-up in sexual harassment case%22.pdf

After four male students told the college administration that Bread Loaf Professor Paul Cubeta had sexually harassed and assaulted them, the college…

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