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Founded in 2011 by Margo Cramer '12 and Luke Carroll Brown '13.5, It Happens Here (IHH) is a student-run sexual assault awareness and prevention group at Middlebury College. Once or twice a year since then, IHH puts on storytelling events, where students can submit personal stories of sexual assault and then have them read aloud to an audience (they may choose to read the stories themselves or remain anonymous and have another student read them). IHH has also conducted the "Map Project" in 2013 and 2019, where students can submit locations on campus that they've experienced sexual assault or harassment, and IHH plots red dots onto a map of campus, each one representing a student's submission. IHH sparked organizations of the same name at other colleges and universities, and received press attention. 

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Three survivors co-wrote an anonymous op-ed in response to a Middlebury Campus article entitled "Reexamining Our Sexual Assault Investigative Process."

The year after Stanford student Brock Turner's sexual assault of Chanel Miller made national news, NBC news published this article about It Happens Here's storytelling event.

This Addison Independent article describes the mission and events of IHH, and how the Middlebury group gained national traction.

Winter 2016 IHH Storytelling Event
Here, find the introductory words for the J-term 2016 IHH event and a featured story.

Various IHH Promotional Materials
Various posters advertising IHH storytelling events, meetings, and calling for story submissions.

Fall 2015 First Year Posters
In the fall of 2015, IHH made a poster campaign for first-year dorms featuring definitions of consent written in by their peers.

The Map Project (2013)
IHH first conducted the "Map Project" in 2013. Students submitted locations on campus where they've experienced sexual assault or harassment, and IHH plotted corresponding red dots onto a map of campus, each one representing a student's submission.

IHH member Emily Pedowitz writes an op-ed encouraging Middlebury students to submit their stories related to sexual assault to be read at the group's storytelling event.

In a podcast-style interview, the Co-Founder of IHH and President of Kappa Delta Rho speak to The Campus about sexual violence at Middlebury.

The second IHH storytelling event occurred in April of 2013. IHH leaders and audience members reflect on its impact.
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