Feminist Action at Middlebury (FAM)/Coalition for
Feminist Consciousness (CFC)


Feminist Action at Middlebury, commonly referred to as FAM, has existed since the early 90’s when it was called the Coalition for Feminist Consciousness (CFC). After the DU mannequin incident of 1988, there was a surge of feminist activism in which The Coalition for Women/FAM was created. FAM’s mission is to explore and question the construction of gender and gender stereotypes and how they relate to gender-based violence, as well as address and explore a variety of issues relating to various feminisms. FAM continues to be present on campus today and has worked closely with Chellis House since the house opened in 1993. Over the years, FAM has engaged in comprehensive feminist activism on topics ranging from menstrual and reproductive justice, anti-sexual assault activism, and body positivity, to school, local, state, and national politics, and advocacy for trans rights and womxn of color.

Collection Items

2007 "I Love My Body Fashion Show" Photos
These are pictures from the "I Love My Body Fashion Show" in 2007. This event was held by FAM in the Gamut Room.

2006 LoveFest Photos
These are photographs from FAM's 2006 LoveFest event outside of Mead Chapel. This was the first of multiple LoveFest events.

2008 LoveFest Photos
These are photos from FAM's 2008 LoveFest event in the Gamut Room. This was the 3rd annual LoveFest event.

2006 Sexual Assault Protest Photos
These are photos of an anti-sexual assault protest led by FAM in 2006.

2008 "Carbon Neutral by 2016...Rape Free by ??" Protest
These are photos from an anti-sexual assault campaign launched by FAM in 2008. Shortly after Middlebury announced their plans to become carbon neutral by 2016, FAM launched a campaign questioning the institutions commitment to becoming rape free.…

2008 LoveFest Poster
This is a poster advertising FAM's 3rd annual LoveFest event in 2008.

2007 "I Love My Body Fashion Show" Poster
This is a poster advertising FAM's "I Love My Body Fashion Show" held in the Gamut Room in 2007.

Campus Article: "Students celebrate their bodies Fashion show and film promote a healthy body image"
This Middlebury Campus article covers the 2007 I Love My Body Fashion Show. It discusses how the event was different than those in years past, and describes the student-produced film that played before the fashion show began.

"Surrender Your Booty!!!" Pirate Dance Party poster
This is a poster from the "Surrender Your Booty!!!" Pirate Dance Party held by Cook Commons in Pearsons Lounge in the fall of 2007. This poster, as well as the fact that a pirate porn film would be playing at the party, drew criticism from feminist…

Campus Article: "Pirate party spurs heated debate"
This Middlebury Campus article covers the controversy of the "Surrender Your Booty!!!" Pirate Dance Party held by Cook Commons. A pirate porn film was played at the party, drawing criticism from FAM and Men Against Violence for encouraging unhealthy…
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