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Looking glass shard


A broken piece of a looking glass that was brought from England by the first English settlers in the New World.

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Locally Crafted Watch: Odd Gift, yet Beautifully Crafted


This watch was made in Middlebury, Vermont during the mid to late 19th century, unconventially using ivory to craft the interworkings. 

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A pocket compass (not the one on your phone)


An 18th century pocket compass, originally belonged to Ebenezer Markham, and later donated to Henry Sheldon in 1900.

-- A journey into the past to understand the present--

-- A great leap foward often requires taking two steps back--

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Forks: Not Just for Eating Cows


Analyzing how people in the 19th century viewed anecdotal oddities from their region.

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Alden House Wooden Cup


This wooden cup was made from the wood that was used to build the famous Alden House in Duxbury, Massachusetts. 

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Tree Fungus Carving


Original carving of John Brown's house on tree fungus. 

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Camera Lucida


A Camera Lucida preserved in Middlebury Special Collections. Brought over from England along with many other scientific instruments by Frederick Hall, a Middlebury Natural Philosophy professor in the early 1800's. 

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Peep-Sight Alidade: Mapping our World


Examining the local and global persepectives afforded by Hall's scientific instruments.

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Specific Gravity Beads


Specific gravity beads made in Scotland and brought to Middlebury by Frederick Hall. 

Vacuum Air Pump

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This is an air pump brought back from London by Frederick Hall, a professor at Middlebury College. It was used to suck out air to make the tube a vacuum space.

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