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A student editorial on environmental challenges and what students can do to take action.

Poetry_Snyder_ENVS_Camp_1993_10_29_pg01_Ahl 001.jpg
Campus newspaper article on poet's reading and lecture.

A student newspaper article on the environmental problems related to Styrofoam cups and other plastic goods

Earth First_ENVS_Camp_1988_04_04_pg17_Abbasi002.jpg
A Middlebury Campus editorial reporting on Dave Foreman's speech at Middlebury in January 1988 and his call to action on environmental issues, and a student editorial on the problems of trash on the floor of the campus mail room

MC_ES comes to a halt_1982_3_5_p5.jpg
A March 1982 Middlebury Campus article about curricular changes in Geography and Environmental Studies

Products containing CFC's, a compound that is depleting the ozone layer, need to be eliminated from production.

Acid Rain_ENVS_Camp_1988_04_29_p14_Abbasi001.jpg
In light of talks about acid rain, the U.S. struggles to reach an agreement to sign a cross-boundary pollution agreement that would restrict the nitrogen oxide pollution that travels into Canada.

Preaching the environmental pressures of transporting food and discussing the local, organic food which the dining halls already offer.

Article on senior Michael MacCracken's talk for the United States Global Change Research Program

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