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Field Worker, grape vines.pdf
Farm workers in locations like California had long experienced poor living conditions, low wages, and bigoted treatment. In the late 1980s, the UFW took steps to boost the status of field workers in the U.S. - both through boycott campaigns (the…

Sustainable Development.pdf
Excerpt from "Our Common Future":

When the Brundtland Commission released a report titled "Our Common Future" in 1987, it coined the concept of "sustainable development." The Commission envisioned sustainability as the solution to simultaneous…

Claire Ayer_Politics_ENVS_Camp_1990_04_13_pg08_Hutton001.jpg
Claire Ayer returns to school, and while balancing being a student and a mother, she also refuses to let the ailing environment become a problem on campus

The article describes the 1971 Environmental Conference that was held on campus at which Governor Deane C. Davis gave the opening address. Twenty anti-war protesters came to voice their concerns about the United States' actions in Vietnam. Davis…

A student editorial on environmental challenges and what students can do to take action.

Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Map.jpg
Beginning on March 27, a windstorm accelerated the spill's spread and rendered cleanup especially challenging. The inclement weather would become the norm for the next several months. Consequently, watercraft could not skim the spill, in-situ burning…

Two editorials lamenting student driving habits and connections to climate change and other threats

Daniel, a farm partner at Elixir Farm in Brixey, MO, at the Clayton Farmer's Market in September 2013 selling the farm's produce. He traveled four hours from the farm to provide sustainably-harvested organic leeks, mushrooms, tomatoes, garlic, paw…

A student essay on changing gender roles in American agriculture with emphasis on recent shifts in and around Vermont

EL 113 Visions_Byerly_1994.pdf
A course syllabus from Fall 1994.
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