Link to Middlebury Unmasked Video


This is a link to the Middlebury Unmasked video-narrative project posted on YouTube on March 10, 2015. The video includes the voices and stories of Middlebury survivors, who hold cardboard cutouts of other student’s faces for the purpose of anonymity. These students discuss their negative experience of the Title IX process at Middlebury, and make demands to improve the system. The video was produced by Maddie Orcutt ’16 and Michelle Peng ’15.


Maddie Orcutt ’16 and Michelle Peng ’15


March 10, 2015



Maddie Orcutt ’16 and Michelle Peng ’15, “Link to Middlebury Unmasked Video,” Archives of Dissent, accessed February 22, 2024,

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