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May 17, 2017- What’s wrong with Rites of Spring.pdf
This blog post reflects on the dynamics of power, class, race, gender, heteronormativity, and sexual violence present in the culture of Middlebury's "secret" fraternities and how this dynamic manifests in their annual invite-only dance, Rites of…

April 10, 2018 - A reflection on The List of Men To Avoid and anti-sexual assault activism (reposted).pdf

This blog post comments on "The List" [a list of abusers and perpetrators at Middlebury which was posted on social media] and the fallout for the activists and survivors who were involved. This post urges people to be aware of the burden of being a…

Letter to the Editor on %22Eluding The 'Freshman 15'%22.pdf
This is a letter to the Campus editor written by FAM in response to an article published a week prior titled, "Eluding the 'Freshman 15.'" It describes the harmful effects of such an article on a campus where the culture already amplifies unhealthy…
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