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  • Collection: Responses to Sexual Harassment Policy and Political Correctness in 1991

March 21, 1991, Pg. 19 (PC not exist, DKE response pt.1).pdf
This op/ed is a direct response to Daniel O'Neil's article a week prior on March 14. This article says that though political correctness can be problematic, there is no point to O'Neil's op/ed, as PC does not exist at Middlebury. Ryan and Stillinger…

May 9, 1991 Pg. 25 (Upham_FS 1 and 2).pdf
This op/ed puts the Middlebury PC debate in conversation with national narratives about PC and a reactionary speech by President Bush. It also describes an SGA meeting on April 28, during which straight white men voiced protests to the new sexual…

April 18, 1991, Pg. 22.pdf
This editorial reconciles the history and present of the term "political correctness." The history stems from Marxists circles wherein any politics that weren't Marxist were deemed "politically wrong." However the term was reinterpreted for present…
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