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IHH Poster for First Years.pdf
Poster created by IHH on consent for first year students.

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It Happens Here 2023_ Supporting Survivors of Sexual Violence.pdf
A document describing the importance and history of IHH at Middlebury, in addition to the details of IHH 2023.

Info Doc IHH 2023.pdf
An informational document created by Daisy Kulina, Mei Dwyer-Frattalone, and Amelia Grosskopf describing the details of IHH 2023 as well as the importance and history of the event.

CPC Boycott Poster Fall 2023.pdf
In response to the likely presence of the Women's Center at the 2023 Fall Activities Fair, Feminist Action at Middlebury organized a boycott of their table

It Happens Here 2023_ Supporting survivors of sexual violence.pdf
An article published in The Middlebury Campus detailing organizing work towards IHH 2023, done primarily by Mei Dwyer-Frattalone, Amelia Grosskopf and Daisy Kulina. The article explains the objective of IHH and describes the organizers plan for…

72 (1).png
Flyers used to advertise IHH 2022. These provide information on the event's goal and Go-Links to submit stories or sign up to anonymously read them. These were hung up and distributed around campus in advance of IHH 2022 on April 28, 2022.

About Vent Diagrams .tiff
Description of Vent Diagrams taken from and used to advertise for the Vent Diagram session held to promote IHH 2022.

Vent Diagrams 2022.pdf
Series of "Vent Diagrams" created by Middlebury students on April 24, 2022 in advance of the main It Happens Here event on April 28. These are intended to highlight the overlap between two contradictory statements and challenge binary thinking.

CPC Petition Poster.jpg
Poster advertising a petition organized by Elissa Asch (2022.5) in an effort to ban CPCs from all colleges in the New England Small College Athletic Conference (NESCAC).

CPC zine working.pdf
Distributed at a student-led protest in support of banning CPCs, this zine provides information about why CPCs are harmful and advises readers to avoid the CPC in Middlebury, at this time operating under the name “The Women’s Center.”
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