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annotated campus map.JPG
This map is from 1980, however it was annotated using 1950s information. This allows us to see how the campus was laid out back then, who was allowed closest to the school, the administration, and who was farther away.

xmas and bday A.JPG
A document written describing what kinds of gifts the children in each dorm might like for Christmas and birthdays. It was written to better include parents and other visitors in the lives of the residents. It gives a sense of what was thought of…

This report describes the rooms present in each dorm as well who lives there.

boys in common room.png
Boys of various ages sitting in chairs along the edge of the common room.

cemetery .JPG
A photograph taken of the BTS cemetery. Not present on maps of the campus, but still a site that is related to life at the school. The list of names is updated as of 2013.

early aerial photo.JPG
Photograph showing an aerial view of the school's campus. Shows buildings and pathways, indicating connections, proximity, and size and shape of buildings.

Site Plan from 1980 that shows general building use and location.

A report of the current and planned uses of dormitory buildings in 1946. To be used for future planning purposes.
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