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In 1880 there were few categories of insanity. Tables of Principle Psychoses from later years show the growth in recognizing diversity in mental illness.

Interesting to note is the significant growth in the number of causes of insanity. Especially interesting causes include, "Loss of property," "Menstrual derangement," "Extraction of teeth" and "Business Troubles."

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This was a first hand narrative of a man whose uncle had Down Syndrome and was placed in the care of St. Joseph's orphanage. This was one of the only positive stories from a resident's time in the institution and he claimed that his uncle was treated…

Inmates at the Vermont State Prison were required to march in lockstep (right hand on the shoulder of the inmate to the front, head turned to the side) to prevent fraternization. According to the Auburn Plan of prison management, inmates were not…

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In 1993, Joseph Barquin was the first person to come forward with claims of abuse against St. Joseph's orphanage. He was the first person to encourage everyone else to come forward and was a trailblazer for the movement. Additionally, this article…

20th Century newspaper excerpt account of the conditions at the Vermont State Prison, Windsor. This particular excerpt covers the deterioration of the prison and the immediate need for new facilities to house the inmates that are safer and habitable.

Inmates gather hay at the Vermont Industrial School, 1919.
Inmates gather hay, presumably to feed the Vermont Industrial School's prized dairy herd. Inmate farm work was crucial to sustain the institution.

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A telling of the initial eugenic segregation plan cerca 1923

Site Plan from 1980 that shows general building use and location.

This report describes the rooms present in each dorm as well who lives there.
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