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Protests from prisoners have historically been effective in improving the unjust treatments, conditions, etc. that they face.

One of the biggest problems from the creation of prisons through now, has been overcrowding. As the population increases, so does the amount of crime and thus, people found in prisons. This is a known fact, but continues to be an issue that is…

Even by the 1980s, many problems were found in state prisons. This excerpt speaks to overcrowding, guard and inmate issues, crumbling facilities, lack of medical care and rehabilitation. This excerpt mentions that it was these conditions that led to…

This continued excerpt speaks to the dangerous conditions of Windsor State Prison. Due to the fact that prison costs were (and are) high, for many years little attention was given to them, despite the dangers that their "outmoded" construction…

This excerpt from 1973 covers a Vermont governor who fails to allocate government-funding/money to improving the conditions of Windsor State Prison - the oldest penitentiary in the country. (See "'Replacing Prison on Sidelines' cont." for more.)…

light conditions.png
In this excerpt a journalist, "c.s." comes to a Vermont State Prison to examine the conditions of a solitary prisoner. As he explains the setting of a cell that he enters, he is amazed by the lack of light and furniture in the cell. He concludes that…

This excerpt clearly highlights the recognition of change that people wanted to happen in Vermont State Prisons. However seeing as this excerpt was created back in 1905, this shows how long it took for real reform to actually be implemented.

WWI draft rejections

Police investigate Vermont orphanage abuse in Buzzfeed article.pdf
This article describes the current investigation that was following-up to the Buzzfeed article. It details the timeline of the investigation and the steps being taken to to look into the abuse.

annotated campus map.JPG
This map is from 1980, however it was annotated using 1950s information. This allows us to see how the campus was laid out back then, who was allowed closest to the school, the administration, and who was farther away.
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