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  • Collection: Eugenics and the Brandon Training School

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A telling of the initial eugenic segregation plan cerca 1923

Site Plan from 1980 that shows general building use and location.

This report describes the rooms present in each dorm as well who lives there.

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A document written describing what kinds of gifts the children in each dorm might like for Christmas and birthdays. It was written to better include parents and other visitors in the lives of the residents. It gives a sense of what was thought of…

Opened in 1915 and expanded to include “adult feeble-minded women of child-bearing age” in 1918, the Vermont State School for Feeble-Minded Children was perennially overcrowded. In the heyday of eugenic ideology, this led to newspaper reports such…

A report of the current and planned uses of dormitory buildings in 1946. To be used for future planning purposes.

A pedigree of an inmate committed for larceny after 1925

Pedigree of Feeblemindedness

Eugenic related Pedigree Collection

____ Family pedigree with various characteristics/defects deemed poor for society
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