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A view of the front of the hospital building on a snowy, winter day.

A number of buildings are situated throughout the campus and surround an open field.

This is the introduction of a broader collection of reports on the Weeks School. The introduction discusses the school’s brief history and outlines the purpose of the historical review.

These newspaper articles describe a number of controversies relating to the Weeks School from 1973 to 1979. Included in the articles is a testimony from former cottage parents, an examination of discipline practices, and a summary of recent escapes…

A group of staff members congregate outside of a building at the Weeks School.

Four children gather piles of hay in the wide open farmland. Inmate labor, especially farming, played a major role at the Industrial School.

Cows graze on farmland and a few of the school’s barns are visible in the background.

Andrews Cottage for all girls lies between trees on an open field.

Snow covers the administration building at Christmas Time.

Men and women walk out of the chapel after participating in a ceremony of religious worship.
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