Agency of Human Services 1973 Report on the Weeks School

In 1973, the Vermont Agency of Human Services published a report on the Weeks School. This report served to investigate the school as a whole, measuring the success or lack thereof of the administrations treatment of the students, as well as an investigation regarding the everyday lives of the students. 

This exhibit shows pages from this report covering three main topics. The first exhibit shows the introduction to the reports, and different objectives the administration had for the residents. 

The second exhibit shows two pages of the report fiinding that the living conditions and everyday life of the residents were not condusive to an environemnt for kids to enjoy themselves. 

Then, there are examples of potential physical and mental child abuse cases and how the witnesses, predominantly the staff, refutes such claims. 

Lastly, there are two simple examples outlining how the school failed to condition the residents for reintegration into society despite that being their objective.