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St. Joseph's Orphanage

Police investigate Vermont orphanage abuse in Buzzfeed article.pdf

St. Joseph's Orphanage was operated by the Sisters of Providence from 1854 to 1974. For most of that period, the orphanage was located on North…

Contributors: Natalie Meyer, Catherine Blizzard, Erica Dean

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Eugenics and the Brandon Training School


The Vermont Eugenics Survey and the Vermont State School for Feeble-Minded Children were deeply intertwined. The School opened in Brandon in 1915,…

Contributors: Gilly Moore, Matt Donohue, Harman Singh

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Brattleboro Retreat


The Brattleboro Retreat was founded in 1834 as the Vermont Asylum for the Insane. Though private, the institution served as the State's only asylum…

Contributors: Sam Montgomery, Alec Brownlee

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Vermont State Hospital


The Vermont State Hospital opened in Waterbury in 1891 and closed in 2011. For much of its history, the Hospital was overcrowded, understaffed, and…

Contributors: Sabrina Glaser, Sophia Peluso, and Julia Sinton

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Vermont State Prison


Vermont opened its State Prison in 1809 in the town of Windsor. When the prison closed in 1875, it was the longest-running correctional institution…

Contributors: Mariel Edokwe, Bobby Sullivan, Rehan Zafar

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Vermont Industrial School

Dormitory - Boys' Cottage - Weeks School

The Vermont Reform School was opened in Waterbury in 1865. When that institution burned down in the 1870s, the institution was re-opened in Vergennes…

Contributors: Danny Jacobs, Danny Tighe, Brendan Dawson

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Vermont State Institutions - General


This collection includes documents that pertain to all of the Vermont State Institutions, including the Prison, the Industrial School, the Training…

Contributors: Holly Allen

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