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Environmental science book published at the start of the environmentalist movement. Carson was one of the first to draw attention to the dangers of pesticides.

A review of the 1982 New York Times nonfiction bestseller "The Fate of the Earth" by Jonathan Schell. It was on the bestseller list for several weeks after publication.

CSM Sep 26_1966 The Call of the Vanishing Wild.pdf
This article discusses urban sprawl in San Francisco, and laments the vanishing green space in the U.S. and the resulting lack of respect that contemporary Americans have for the natural world and the environment.

Carbon Neutral, or Carbon-Lite? | The Middlebury Campus.pdf
Middlebury Campus article from October 16, 2013, written by Claire Abbadi. Article questions the feasibility of true carbon neutrality by the year 2016.

Bioregionalism.Japenga.1987 .pdf

CT Oct 14_1966 LBJ Asserts Conservation Gaining Ground.pdf
This article discusses President Lyndon B. Johnson's public address on October 13th, 1966, in which he asserted that the United States has reached a turning point in its conservation history because more land is being preserved and saved than is…

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