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Earth Day 1995_ENVS_Camp_1995_02_23_pg13_Zhang001.jpg
Festivities of Earth Day and Earth Week 1995 at Middlebury College

Env Consumption_ENVS_Camp_1993_04_29_pg14_Ahl001.jpg
Two articles and advice about green consumption

Environmental fair hopes to increase environmental awareness across the campus and Proctor Dining Hall will be serving food from an array of local organic producers.

Earth Day_1990_ENVS_Camp_1990_04_27_pg19_Hutton001.jpg
In an Op-Ed, a student urges Middlebury students to take action and do the necessary steps to help conserve and help the planet. (Recycle, turn off the lights, etc.)

Lack of commitment and incorrect use of the recycling bins on campus undermined the recycling program's effectiveness and goals toward waste reduction.

Bill McKibben gave a talk at the Middlebury Congregational Church comparing current environmental events to Biblical occurrences, arguing that humans have caused a "decreation" of God's work. He explained some of the science of environmental crisis…

The Middlebury Rainforest Action Group protested at Home Depot against the companies sales of old wood. Additionally, it is noted that the CEO of Texaco who has been responsible for much of the rainforest destruction in Ecuador was a Middlebury…

A Middlebury student warns her classmates about the danger of climate change and what students can do on campus to play their part.

Earth Day_1990_ENVS_Camp_1990_04_20_pg07_Hutton001.jpg
This source describes a series of panels where discussions were held about the environment

Speech at Middlebury College
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