(March 14) The Campus: "Help! How do you define PC?"


This op/ed was published alongside Daniel O'Neil's on March 14, 1991. This article details the points of a lecture on March 7 by Catherine Stimson titled: “On Being Labeled Politically Correct.” Not finding the lecture extremely useful, Bryant heads to the dining hall, and finds better examples of the arguments for and against PC by talking to left wing John Rothstein '93 and right wing Brian Howie '93. In the end, Bryant doesn't take a stance for or against PC, but instead argues for "common courtesy toward individuals." Here is the article from The Campus' archives, as well as photos of the article as it was originally printed.


Chad Bryant


March 14, 1991


March 14 1991 pg.7 - Bryant PC.pdf
The Campus - %22Help! How do you define PC%22.pdf


Chad Bryant , “(March 14) The Campus: "Help! How do you define PC?",” Archives of Dissent, accessed December 1, 2023, https://omeka.middlebury.edu/archives_of_dissent/items/show/178.

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