The Campus: "T-shirt is no laughing matter"


This opinion piece discusses the “coed naked lacrosse” team's T-shirt, which bears the slogan: "It Takes a Quick Stick To Beat a Tight Crease." The article explains how this phrase perpetuates and supports rape culture, and describes a few times that the author points this out to students and is labeled, "an old lady" who needs to "lighten up" because the shirt is "just a joke." She urges the Middlebury community to stop laughing and take responsibility for building a culture where rape jokes are unacceptable and people aren't socially coerced into laughing at them. Here is the article from The Campus' archives, as well as photos of the article as it was originally printed.


Katherine La Sota


May 9, 1991


May 9, 1991, Pg. 23 (T-shirt, Greek:SH).pdf
May 9, 1991, Pg. 24 (T-shirt, Upham:PC 1).pdf
The Campus - %22T-shirt is no laughing matter%22  .pdf



Katherine La Sota, “The Campus: "T-shirt is no laughing matter",” Archives of Dissent, accessed February 22, 2024,

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