Orientation Consent Programming Pitch


Elissa Asch '22.5, who directed SRR in the 2019-2020 academic year, wanted to improve orientation programming around consent and sexual assault. Before the fall started, she contacted every NESCAC school to interview administrators and students and learn about their mandatory orientation programming. After learning that Middlebury was the only NESCAC school that had zero consent education/programming during orientation, Asch put together an Orientation Consent Programming Pitch. The pitch included statistics, information about orientation programming at every NESCAC school, quotes from officials at the NESCAC's on why mandatory consent education is valuable, and the reasons that this type of programming fulfills Middlebury's mission. She presented her pitch to Middlebury administrators in the fall and worked with them over the next few months to plan February Orientation programming.


Elissa Asch


Summer 2019


Orientation Consent Training Pitch.pdf


Elissa Asch, “Orientation Consent Programming Pitch,” Archives of Dissent, accessed December 1, 2023, https://omeka.middlebury.edu/archives_of_dissent/items/show/115.

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