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SRR had it's first ever Sex In The Dark event in January of 2020. The event included glow sticks, ring pops, snacks, and most importantly a panel of qualified Sexperts who answered any and all anonymous questions that students submitted online. The panel of six included Marti McCaleb (Middlebury Title IX coordinator), Alison Farr (senior nurse practitioner at Middlebury Parton Health Center), Mara Iverson (Director of Education at Outright Vermont), Jenna Emerson (a health educator at the University of Vermont), and Emily Wagner (Middlebury Violence Prevention Specialist). The event was attended by around 150 Middlebury students, and inspired SRR to start a go/link based anonymous question and answers sites. All questions and answers from the Sex In The Dark event were abbreviated and posted on the SRR answers blog, and students can continue submitting anonymous questions, the answers to which will also be posted on the blog by SRR.




January 27, 2020


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SRR, “Sex In The Dark Poster,” Archives of Dissent, accessed December 1, 2023,

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