Complicity Project Postering Campaign - Quotes, Questions, and Statistics


As part of the Complicity Project SRR ran a four-phase postering campaign in the months leading up to their Davis Library display in April. SRR committee members covered the school in posters that centered around the idea of complicity in sexual assault culture. These posters were an attempt to raise awareness and get the community talking and thinking about their complicity and how to change it. The four phases of the campaign were posters with quotes, questions, statistics, and finally some of all three. These documents include all of the posters put up during the postering campaign.




2018-2019 Academic Year


CP - Quotes.pdf
CP - Questions.pdf
CP - Statistics.pdf


SRR, “Complicity Project Postering Campaign - Quotes, Questions, and Statistics,” Archives of Dissent, accessed May 26, 2024,

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