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May 4, 1990 - Pg. 1.pdf
This Campus news articles discusses the Take Back The Night March on April 25, 1990 which was attended by over 150 students, faculty, and town members, and organized by Elizabeth Toder '90. This candle lit event included multiple speakers from…

May 4, 1995 - Pg. 9.pdf
This Campus feature describes Take Back The Night Week in April 1995, which culminated in the Take Back The Night March. This week was organized by seniors Jen Kupperman, Brooke McDonald, and Tina Buccholz. Although the article mentions Kupperman…

(pg.1)The Campus - %22Middlebury students march to take back the night%22.pdf
This Campus article describes the annual Take Back The Night march in 1992, which included a candlelight march, music, a speaker, and an open microphone session. The article includes information about how Take Back The Night began, speaker Susan…
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