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SRR SAAM Email and Recourses .pdf
When Middlebury Students were evacuated in March 2020 due to COVID-19, SRR had to change their plan for Sexual Assault Awareness Month (April). They put together an email which included four pdf recourse guides they had designed. The email was sent…

Statement about Supporting Survivors.pdf
This document is a statement of support for survivors in response to troubling recent events, written by SRR and sent out by Middlebury SGA. In the statement, SRR calls for the community to wear all black on October 5 in solidarity with survivors of…

The Campus News- %22SGA assesses Issues%22.pdf
This Campus news article discusses the SGA's main assessments and concerns as they concluded their fall session in 1989. The article discusses "CIA recruitment, sexual harassment and lighting on campus" among other topics. In terms of sexual…
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