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The Campus - October 13, Page 18.pdf
This "To the Editor" opinion piece urges The Campus to cease posting stories related to the Paul Cubeta incident, and follow their own advice to handle the topic with more sensitivity. Broderson states that the "scoop" has already been published, and…

The Campus - %22Bread Loaf official protests administrative cover-up in sexual harassment case%22.pdf
This opinion piece is written by Robert Pack, a professor at the Bread Loaf School of English, a professor to the young men who came forward in the Cubeta sexual harassment hearing, and a longtime friend of Cubeta himself. In this article, Pack…

The Campus Editorial - %22Setting Precedents%22.pdf
This Campus editorial centers around an opening
night address to the Bread Loaf School of English given by James Maddox in June 1989. The article includes an excerpt from Maddox's speech, and admires his transparency and straightforward manner of…
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