White Ribbon Campaign (WRC)


The White Ribbon Campaign (WRC), a movement for men opposed to violence against women, was founded in Canada in 1991. The movement expanded over the years, and was brought to Middlebury by a group of students in the fall of 2006. The WRC at Middlebury worked to publicize "the issue of violence against women" and "the opportunity and obligation men have to address this issue." They also held events for men to sign a pledge to remain non-violent and confront violence against women, the symbol of which was wearing a white ribbon.




Fall 2006

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The Campus: "Men in white ribbons unite to stem violence against women"
This Campus news article details the origin of the White Ribbon Campaign (WRC), which was started in Canada in 1991. It also discusses the early stages of the Middlebury WRC which was overseen by John Beattie, a staff member who worked with theā€¦
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